Data Access
Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your audits.
Powerful, purpose-built analytics allow you to perform all types of testing, from simple to complex, performed in the least amount of time, and generating the greatest confidence in your findings. structures.
Data Access
Easily share data and tests using only the desktop.
Share any object with your team for efficient collaboration. All your tests, data sources, and audit projects can be shared using shared folders.
Data Access
Integrate the use of audit analytics into Excel and other BI or reporting applications
Pairing ConnectPlus with Team Edition for additional functionality, you can extend the analytics capabilities of Excel users.


  • Dashboard for auditors
  • Audit-specific commands and functions
  • No file size limit
  • Analyze 100% of your data
  • Define and access any data source from relational databases to old, complex, legacy files
  • Cleanse and normalize data for improved accuracy and findings
  • Read-only, so the integrity of your analysis is assured
  • Expand current tests with a powerful set of fuzzy commands and functions
  • Built-in project sharing
  • Any object can be shared from tables to scripts, views, or any of the other object types using shared folders
  • Processing speed: Fastest performance of any audit analysis solution
  • Test controls and ensure compliance with both ad hoc and automated tests
  • Automate and standardize audit tests for improved efficiency