GIGANTICORE extends the reach and capabilities of the analysis and reporting tools you are already familiar with. With GIGANTICORE, your desktop software is not limited to the standard data sources that it can import; it can interact with the much broader data universe that GIGANTICORE makes available.
Imagine being able to launch a data visualization worksheet that then prompted you with input options like data sources and business specific parameters, before performing advanced analysis on your data and returning the results into a compelling visualization. GIGANTICORE has technology that allows users to take advantage of our data access and analysis capabilities without ever having to learn anything new. If you have users who want more independence and control over their analysis and/or don’t want to learn how to use another analysis tool, GIGANTICORE is the ideal technology for supporting this need.
Administration of scheduled/centralized analytics is now easier. If you have a need to temporarily suspend an analytic, you no longer need to unscheduled or remove. You can temporarily suspend your query and the most recent password will now automatically be used.
Access and run SQL Stored Procedures throughout the User Interface – continues to support SQL as a complimentary way to query your databases.
GIGANTICORE additional ODBC Drivers for REST harness the power of cloud-based infrastructure and data sources to maximize the value of your analytics.